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Local Misc.: Map, Directions, and Transportation to Artas

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submitted by Artas Folklore Center on 09.04.2008
Copyright (2008) Artas Folklore Center

How to get to Artas

By Car:

Cross the Bethlehem checkpoint past the two “no-entry signs.” Don’t worry.
Everyone does it. Passing Arij, on the right, continue to the end of the road (
Nativity Road ). On your right, you will see Maha Saca’s Palestine Heritage
Center . Turn Right and immediately left onto Hebron Road . Now go straight all
the way until you reach a free-standing arch on your right to Al Khader Village;
on your way, you will pass the Intercontinental Hotel on your right, the
Bethlehem / Beit Jala Intersection, and Dehaiseh Refugee Camp on your left. It
should take five to ten minutes from the checkpoint. There is no sign mentioning
Artas. Immediately after El Khader Arch, turn left. You will enter a lightly
wooded area. On your left is Murad’s Fortress and the new Solomon’s Pools
Complex. On you right are the now-drained Solomon’s Pools. Continue until you
reach the fork in the road. Keep to the right on the lower road and follow it until the sharp turn to the right. Take this road all the way down to the valley.
You will pass the Convent of the Enclosed Garden on your left, the Artas Spring
on your left. The Artas Folklore Center/Women’s Center is a bit further on your
left up the first set of stairs across from the Mosque. The traditional Artas
house/museum is up the second set of stairs a bit further on.

Other transportation:

Service Taxi
You can take a service taxi from the checkpoint to the “Cinema” Taxi stand
(across from Shepherd’s Hotel up the road to the left of the Beit Jala/Bethlehem
Intersection (Bab ezqaq) for two shekels per person and from there another
service to Artas for another two shekels per person.

Private Taxi
By taxi: A private taxi from the checkpoint to Artas should cost 20 NIS
A private taxi from the checkpoint to the “Cinema” service Taxi
stand should cost 10 NIS.

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