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Working Life
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Harvest Time
In the harvest time, Men winnowing at the threshing floor in Halhul south of Hebron, 1940. Photo: Matson Collection,...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Harvest Time
In the harvest time, woman sifting wheat grain with a sieve in Ramallah area during the British Mandate period. Photo:...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Picking Grapes
A man and a woman picking grapes in Artas, 1925-31. Photo: Hilma Granqvist.
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Women embroider
Women embroider in their courtyard of an old house, Bethlehem, British Mandate period. Photo: Matson Collection, library...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Women working in orange groves
Women working in collecting oranges from the groves in south west Palestine, pre-1918.
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Looking at Embroidery at Mazra'a al Qibliyeh
These women from the Arab Educational Institute in Bethlehem enjoy looking at the embroidery of the women of Mazra'a...
Paltour News
Facade of the Educational Bookshop - Jerusalem
The Educational Bookshop has been a landmark on East Jerusalem's Salahelddin street since 1985
Imad Muna
Books to help you to find your roots
The Educational Bookshop has a wide selection of resourses to help you connect with your roots.
Imad Muna
Making Taboun
What a treat it is to eat freshly baked tabooun bread, baked on hot pebbles in the tabooun oven.
Artas Folklore Center
The Olive Press at Bethlehem's Badd Jaqaman
The Arab Educational Institute's women's group contemplate the olive press at the Badd Jaqaman press, which played such an...
Arab Educational Institute
Learning about Embroidery at Maha Saca's Palestine...
The Arab Educational Institute's women's group learns about the deep-rooted tradition of embroidery from Maha Saca, founder...
Arab Educational Institute
Cooking Dinner at the Taboun
Aromas from the traditional taboun oven, still in daily use in the village of Mazraá al Qibliyeh, wind their way down the...
Leyla Zuaiter
Three Planting
Palestine, 1980, 35 mm Nikon F2, Nikkor lens, ©Luke Powell, 1997. You can see more of Luke Powells magnificent photos at...
Luke Powell
Hill Top Village
Palestine, 1980, 35 mm Nikon F2, Nikkor lens, ©Luke Powell, 1997. You can see more of Luke Powells magnificent photos...
Luke Powell
Near Nebi Musa, Palestine, 1980, 35 mm Nikon F2, Nikkor lens, ©Luke Powell, 1997. "The camel's owner was not much larger...
Luke Powell
Baby Camel
Near Nebi Musa, Palestine, 1980, 35 mm Nikon F2, Nikkor lens, ©Luke Powell, 1997. "One morning near Nebi Musa I was...
Luke Powell
Ships of Yaffa
Ships rest in the old port of Yaffa on the background of a clear sky.
Ibrahim Marazka