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Vintage Portraits: Bethlehem c1948 - The Bethlehem Orthodox Society
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submitted by Fayez (Frank) Nasser on 02.08.2007
Copyright (2007) Fayez (Frank) Nasser

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Bethlehem c1948 - The Orthodox Society of Bethlehem.

Seated (left to right): 1) Issa Basil Bandak, Mayor of Bethlehem. 2) Tawfiq Kattan, Member of Parliament.

Standing (left to right): 1).?. Marzouka; 2)Elias Issa Bandak - former mayor of Bethlehem; 3)Felix Aburdaineh; 4) Giryes El-Ali, Engineer; 5)Gargori Zughbi; 6).?. Andoni; 7).?. Botto - soccer player; 8) Mikhail Salim Canawati; 9)Judeh Zarzar, Pharmacist; 10)Mikhail Wardeh, municipal secretary; 11) Issa Yaqoub Nasser, merchant; 12).?. Freij; 13).?. Saba Basil Bandak, brother of Bethlehem Mayor Issa Basil Bandak; 14) Bishara Salim Canawati.

If you are able to identify those with .?. please contact the submitter.

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