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Where to Eat

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The Scot’s Coffee Shop & Bistro
submitted by This Week In Palestine

St. Andrew’s Scottish Guest House
1 David Remez Street
Tel. 02-673 2401
Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 - 21:00

The Scot’s Coffee Shop and Bistro, as the name implies, is located in St. Andrew’s Scottish Guest House, one of Jerusalem’s landmark buildings. The church and guest house were built in 1930 as a memorial to the Scottish regiments who served in Jerusalem during the First World War.

As one approaches St. Andrew’s complex one is enveloped with a special feeling of peace and calm. Located on a sort of hill, the building offers spectacular views of the Old City’s walls from the western and southwestern points and the Silwan valley beyond. The Dormition Abbey is also in full view.

Upon entering the colonial building, turn right to the large room that houses the coffee shop. Adorned with a large fireplace, the room leads to a glass-enclosed lounge that leads to the outside terrace. Patrons can sit in either of the spaces, with the outside one being the most spectacular. There are comfortable cushioned rattan chairs and the tables are shaded by large umbrellas.

In addition to soups, the menu offers a selection of salads such as Greek and tuna and the house salad that features tuna salad, Roquefort cheese and eggs on a bed of mixed greens. There is also a hot vegetarian salad. The sandwich selection includes ham, shawerma, pastrami and several cheeses. Those with a bigger appetite can order spaghetti with a choice of sauces, lasagne, or salmon steak. Omelettes are also served throughout the day.

If you crave something sweet, there is apple pie, cheesecake, chocolate mouse and pancakes. There are all kinds of coffees, teas and juices to sip, with beer and wine being the only alcoholic beverages.

On Fridays and Saturdays between 10:00 and 14:30 hours there is a brunch buffet that features salads, cold cuts, a selection of cheeses, eggs and a hot main course, in addition to desserts.

The Scot’s Coffee Shop is the ideal place to escape to with a book or good company. The place will also cater for special events by prior arrangement.

This Week in Palestine
June 2007

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