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Partial List of Individuals aided by the Artas Folklore Center's Research and Documentation Division
submitted by Artas Folklore Center

The village of Artas has provided assistance to scholars and seekers of all descriptions since the 1840's. During the time of Musa Sanad, who began the work of the Artas Folklore Center two decades before he had an actual center, many people received his assistance and made a name for themselves, not in small part, on the basis of the work they did in Artas with his assistance. Since Musa's death in 2005, the Artas Folklore Center has continued to provide assistance to people in all kinds of disciplines. By now, there are not only people following in the footsteps of earlier researchers, but also people following in the footsteps of people following in their footsteps!

A partial list includes:

- Finnish Film Team Coolvision in seeking information about Hilma Granqvist for a series on Finnish explorers for Finnish Television.

- Falestin Naili, now the Artas Folklore Center's own Virtual Scholar in Residence, who did her Master's Thesis and Doctoral Dissertaion and many other articles about Artas.

-French photographer Myrtille, whose photos of Artas women were later among those in an exhibition of Palestinian women held at the French Cultural Center in Jerusalem.

-Canadian Filmaker Angela O'Hara following in the footsteps of Celia Rothenberg, to make a documentary on the jinn, for which Artas is famous.

-Three French Political Science Students from Paris belonging to Adala, with the cooperation of the Association d'Echanges Culturels Hebron-France, who were hosted by the village.

-Students from Bethlehem University's Tourism program in research on tourist sites in Artas.

Assistance to an instructor from Bir Zeit University in dissertation entitled, "Artas, between Past and Present"

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