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2007 Artas Lettuce Festival: Hiking
submitted by Artas Folklore Center

Too few Palestinians make it a point to get out and enjoy the splendors of the countryside. Artas Folklore Center was one of the first organizations to develop and offer hiking itineraries as part of its work. During the festival, two itineraries are offered, one from Solomon's Pools to the village, with our partner the Palestine Wildlife Society, and another from Artas village to Herodium, with Shat-ha, a Ramallah-based group devoted to hiking. We are particularly happy to have the Sunrise Group from the Jerusalem Patients Friends Society, among our hikers. These women are Breast Cancer survivors who are trying to live normal lives while coping with their disease and breaking the silence that surrounds it. We thank the Center for Jerusalem Studies for providing transportation from Jerusalem and a full day at the festival. Does Artas seem rather far afield for a center concerned with Jerusalem? It won't after you take the hike and learn that the now-drained Solomon's Pools carried water to Jerusalem until recently. Cars parked at Solomon's Pools will be guarded. (More information about the organizations and the hikes to be provided during the hikes)




Hike and Encounter in the Artas Valley with the Palestine Wildlife Society and Artas Folklore Center: Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14 2007 from 9-2; optional lunch; (Reservations: 052 2 292 782)

Early-Bird Hike from Artas Valley to Herodium with Shat-ha Hiking Group from Ramallah; return to Artas for lunch and private folklore show Sunday, April 15, 8:30-4 (Reservations: 0599272768; 0599944837 )

For your gateway to photos, text, festival program, festival guide, media coverage and more, see "The Thirteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival in a Lettuce Leaf" :http://www.palestine-family.net/index.php?nav=91-105&cid=146&did=2944&pageflip=1

For more about Artas and the Artas Folklore Center, see www.artasfolklorecenter.net or from the navigation pane at left select "Our Partners"> Artas Folklore Center.

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