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"The pleasure of food and drink lasts an hour, of sleep a day, but of a building a lifetime."
Arabic proverb

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Outside kitchen
The kitchen of the Lama house was not situated in the house itself, but in a separate lodge next to the main building....
Vinzenz Hokema
Wood used in building
Doors, windows and furniture were made from Oak (arabic: Ballout), Mahagoni, Teak, Katrani or other hardwood which had to...
Vinzenz Hokema
Doorways: Arched and straight
Walls in traditional Palestinian houses are constructed with far more tricks and secrets than expected. This door...
Vinzenz Hokema
Modern way of building houses
The facades of newly built Palestinian houses are usually made of limestone and contain references to old styles of...
Vinzenz Hokema
Storeys for the next generation
In many old Palestinian homes, staircases lead up to the flat roof, looking a little bit like a room has been knocked...
Vinzenz Hokema