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Food and Recipes
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Agriculture and Food Production:
The peasant's year was divided into six agriculture seasons (maw'asim). The most important were harvest time (mawasim...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Typical Palestinian Dishes
Mansaf and Kiddreh, without any celebration does not deserve mention, are de rigueur at every traditional wedding, funeral,...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Food Preparation and Lifestyles in Palestine
"One eats with one's eyes first", an Arab saying goes, so it is no surprise that Palestinian cuisine is colorful, and none...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Special Features of Palestinian Cuisine
Palestinian cuisine has shouldered the tides of history by accommodation rather than rigid resistance, yet certain features...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Ma'moul Easter Walnut/Pistachio Cakes
During Easter holidays (as well as Muslim holi­days), households embark upon the preparation of delicacies. These range...
This Week In Palestine
Maqloube recipe
Maqloubet Baitinjaan Upside-Down Eggplant Casserole Arabic cuisine makes great use of eggplant (and if I had a choice,...
This Week In Palestine
Khoubaizeh is a wild green leafy plant that grows in Palestine during the winter and early spring seasons when there's ample...
This Week In Palestine
Burbarah recipe (St. Barbara's Day)
According to tradition, Burbara (Barbara in English) was the daughter of the pagan Dioscurus. On discovering that she became...
This Week In Palestine
Christmas in Palestine: the food
Christmas is a Christian holiday. Prominent among the celebrations of Christians in the West is the giving of gifts, a...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinian sauces
Sauce is a hot or cold seasoned liquid either served with, or used in the cooking of, a dish. The word comes from the...
This Week In Palestine
Meramiyeh (Sage)
The name meramiyeh is closely associated with longevity and it is a known stimulant of the memory, especially with older...
This Week In Palestine
Drinks in Palestine
TOO HOT WITHOUT ONE The Palestinian summer is so hot during the day that one has to keep drinking to make up for...
This Week In Palestine
The Blessed Tree: Olives
THE BLESSED TREE Olives Not eastern and not western, the olive tree originated in Palestine, I believe, where it is...
This Week In Palestine
List of Drugs (Peppers, Seeds...etc)Used in the...
1. Black Pepper, Filfil aswad : These little around black fruits are better known to us as a condiment than as a...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Dishes for Special Occasions
By Samia Khoury In most parts of the world, food seems to be at the centre of any formal or social gathering. This article...
This Week In Palestine
Tamarind, Tomatoes and Dried Yoghurt: The...
By Ali Qleibo The sweet aroma of garlic fried in butter with coriander (il-taglieh) always softened the hard, impenetrable...
This Week In Palestine
The story of a drop …
By Hitham I. Kayali Its fruits gloss under the warm sunshine of April, hiding beneath the evergreen leaves, its fragrant...
This Week In Palestine
Ka’ek wa Ma’moul: a dying art?
By Laura Khoury Ka’ek wa ma’moul is the traditional sweet done at Easter time. It consists of two different-shaped...
This Week In Palestine
The Foods of Gaza
By Laila El-Haddad Let’s be honest: the last thing people associate with Gaza is its food. Most often, Gaza conjures up...
This Week In Palestine
CAROB (KHARROUB): St John's bread
Crowfoot and Baldensperger: "It is curious that this tree [the Kharroub] should have such an ill reputation when it is so...
Arab Educational Institute

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