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Food and Recipes

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> Jibneh webattikh
> burbarah
> Regional Food Fests
> The Palestinian Tabun
> http://www.shahiya.com/english/default.aspx
> Gypsies in Jerusalem: food
> Mystic Karabeej Halab
> Palestinian Cooking
> Syrian Foods
> Wine from Bethlehem stopped at airport
> Rishtaye
> Mafghoussa (or mashed)
> Maqloubeh (Upside-down)eggplant casserole
> Siami
> Tomatoes in Palestinian cookery
> Palestinian flavour
> Too Cold without One
> Too hot without one
> Fakiha
> kitchen revival "Arabic"
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submitted by Carole Makhoul Hani

Shahiya.com: interactive Arabic and English food site with recipes from the Arab world, restaurants in Arab cities, and nutritional advice from Carole Hani (Registered Dietitian). Find and share what you are looking for on Shahiya.com!

email to a friend http://www.shahiya.com/english/default.aspx','','submitted by','Carole Makhoul Hani','30.12.2009','Shahiya.com%3A+interactive+Arabic+and+English+food+site+with+recipes+from+the+Arab+world%2C+restaurants+in+Arab+cities%2C+and+nutritional+advice+from+Carole+Hani+%28Registered+Dietitian%29.+Find+and+share+what+you+are+looking+for+on+Shahiya.com%21'+'
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