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The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem
The Church of the Nativity was the venue of several denominational conflicts. These conflicts intensified in the year 1757,...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Christian Denominations of Bethlehem and Its District
There are many Christian denominations in Bethlehem. The most famous are: 1- The Greek Orthodox Denomination which...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Joseph's Tomb
When he was old and near to death, Jacob recognized as his the two sons that Joseph had had in Egypt: 'Ephraim and Manasseh...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Jacob's Well
In the village of Balata near what used to be Shechem, at the eastern mouth of the Nablus pass, stands Jacob's Well, Bir...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Joseph's altar was erected on Ebal, the mount of the curses. The terrible memory was stranger than the happy one,...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Moses exhorted his people to renew the covenant with God on two mountains of Samaria, saying: 'See, I set before you today a...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
The Peace and Solidarity Pilgrimage in Bethlehem
The Arab Education Institute represented by Mr. Fuad Giacaman, General Director of the AEI and a Czech volunteer Miss...
Miluse Tumova
Vow-making in Palestine
SACRIFICES AND BLESSINGS By Toine van Teeffelen Western visitors to Palestine are often struck by the fact that its two...
This Week In Palestine
Al- Khader (St. George)
A short distance out of Beit Jala is the village of al-Khader, a little town of 5,000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Christianity in Beit Sahour
Beit Sahour is the home of many fine churches. The Latin Patriarchate has a church with a very ornate alter, built in 1859....
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Christmas in Bethlehem
Christmas celebrations in the Manger Square. The year's highlight in Bethlehem is Christmas. There are actually three...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Mar Saba
General view of the 6th-century monastery of Mar Saba. The road to the monastery of Mar Saba is bumpy but negotiable....
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Wasatiah: A Driving Principle of Islam
AGENDA OF ISLAM – DIALOGUE BETWEEN CIVILIZATIONS By Professor Mohammed S. Dajani [1] This essay is part of a...
Mohammed Dajani Daoudi
Chaldean Street
By Leyla Zuaiter So narrow is Chaldean Street that most passers-by, preoccupied with their business at the Nablus Road...
This Week In Palestine
Tel Dothan (Jenin)
Tel Dothan (Dothan mount) lies to the east of the Nablus-Jenin road, overlooking the Arrabeh plain on the east, one of the...
This Week In Palestine
Ramadan Kareem, Merry Christmas
Dr. Ali Qleibo * Ramadan Kareem, "Ramadan is generous." For generosity is characteristic of the month of Ramadan....
This Week In Palestine
Eid El-Fitr or the “Feast of Fast-Breaking"
During the whole month of Ramadan, Muslims spend daylight hours in fasting and the nights in prayer, as they firmly...
This Week In Palestine
The Story of Saint Barbara
With the destruction of the remains of the shrine of Saint Barbara in Aboud, the last vestiges of this legendary figure in...
This Week In Palestine
Church of The Holy Sepulchre
Entrance to the Church of The Holy Sepulchre The only means of entering the church of the Holy Sepulchre is by a door...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Monasteries in the Palestinian desert
Monasteries In the course of the following centuries [fourth and fifth centuries) Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land...
Arab Educational Institute

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