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submitted by Turathuna Bethlehem University

The importance of invocations in the Bethlehem District is not less than the importance of proverbs. They are still widely circulated. Various classes of society use them, though they are in greater circulation among the old.

We shall not deal with imprecations (may God protect you from their harm). We shall be satisfied with mentioning invocations. The rhyme phenomenon is noticeable in many of them, which has facilitated their preservation and transmission from one generation to the other. The following are some of these invocations still in use in the District:

- May God deliver you (lit. pluck or snatch you) from every difficulty and every distress.

- May God remove from you the sons of evil who are never attentive or off their guard neither by night nor by day.

- May God increase your descendants and the descendants of your descendants.

- May God increase your wealth and your families and increase your descendants.

- O God (please) grants us the good of this day and remove its evil from us.

- O God do not disgrace us and do not let the enemy (lit. people) rejoice at our misfortune (lit. at us) by the mediation of the Virgin and St. Elias.

- O God improves the times by the dignity of the highest in the heaven.

- May God not throw you in distress.

- May God grant (lit. feed you with) you children.

- May your way be green by the dignity of Mary the Virgin. (Green is a lucky colour)

- May our Lord Jesus Christ preserve him, he and his families, morning and evening.

- By the right of our Lord Jesus Christ, every time the mass starts and the Cup (of the Eucharist) is raised, may God be with you and with your families.

- I suck from my right breast and I invoke the Lord of the Universe, and I suck from my left breast and by our Lord the Almighty, and the Ka'ba on which I stood, may He grant you a lawful girl (as a wife).

- May God grant you male children.

- May God grant you as much wealth as will satisfy you.

- May God grant you lawful sustenance and lawful shelter.

Source:"Bethlehem, The Immortal Town" by Giries Elali

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