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"If God did not forgive, Paradise would be empty."
Arabic proverb

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Why St George is a Palestinian hero
BBC 22 April 2014 Last updated at 23:14 GMT By Yolande Knell BBC News http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-27048219 As...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Baal, al-Khader, and the Apotheosis of Saint George
By Ali Qleibo TWIP, November 2011 To Him who rides upon the highest heavens, which are from ancient times; Behold, He...
This Week In Palestine
Christian Rituals in Palestine
Popular Traditions and Customs By Fr. Rafiq Khoury TWIP October 2011 Nations and societies express their culture...
This Week In Palestine
Via Dolorosa
The Palestinian Agricultural Cycle Fire from Heaven and Rites of Spring By Dr. Ali Qleibo TWIP May 2010 Th’...
This Week In Palestine
Via Dolorosa
The Palestinian Agricultural Cycle Fire from Heaven and Rites of Spring By Dr. Ali Qleibo TWIP May 2010 Th’...
This Week In Palestine
Beatification of Palestinian nun
On November 22, 2009, Mother Marie Alphonsine Danil Ghattas was beatified at the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth....
Arab Educational Institute
Al-Haram Al-Ibrahimi
By Hebron Rehabilitation Committee Historical background Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi, the Sanctuary of Abraham or Tomb of the...
This Week In Palestine
Social Life in Hebron
By Said Madhieh Old houses in Hebron The knotty cluster of ancient houses and buildings in the old city of Hebron - or...
This Week In Palestine
Abraham: A Dynasty of Prophets Saints, Shrines,...
By Dr. Ali Qleibo Despite sparse rainfall, the spring has covered the mountains of Hebron with all shades of lush green....
This Week In Palestine
The Wailing Wall
Heritage, Nationalism and the Shifting Symbolism of the Wailing Wall Simone Ricca Source: Jerusalem...
Jerusalem Quarterly
Jerusalem Rejoices in the Welcome of Ramadan
By Dr. Ali Qleibo Ramadan Kareem, yes, but Allahu Akram. “Ramadan Kareem," (literally Ramadan is generous), is the...
This Week In Palestine
‘Ain el-Mamoudiyeh (the Spring of Baptism)
By Ahmed Rjoob Located seven kilometres west of Hebron and one kilometre south-east of Taffuh town, the ‘Ain...
This Week In Palestine
Truth behind the real figure of St George
The Leicester Mercury has a daily circulation of 73 000 Opinion Leicester Mercury 29th March It is a strange but...
Steve Bonham
The Shepherds' Fields
According to St Luke, it was the shepherds who were the first to spread abroad the message of the Angels. In the valley east...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
The Pillar Paintings in the Nativity Church
Not least among the attractions of the basilica is its forest of forty-four pillars, of which thirty are decorated with...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
The Wall Mosaics in the Nativity Church
When Canon Casola saw them in 1494, he spoke of most beautiful mosaics that look quite new; they are sadly decayed since his...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
The importance of invocations in the Bethlehem District is not less than the importance of proverbs. They are still widely...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
The Important Christian Feasts
The following are some of the important Christian feasts. 1- Christmas in Bethlehem: As the Church of the Nativity...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Greek Orthodox Baptismal Rites
The Baptismal Rites according to the Greek Orthodox are as follows: Prayers are held in the church or at home for this...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Denominational Rights and Religious Rites
Every denomination retaining rights in the Church of the Nativity is most careful to defend these rights. The (status quo) is...
Turathuna Bethlehem University

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