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Handicrafts & Artifacts
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The Palestinian Scarf ... Fashion Statement or Symbol?
A Palestinian Scarf Becomes Hip-hop Chic By Lawrence Delevingne In 1988, I bought my very first black and white...
This Week In Palestine
Designing Palestinian Handicrafts
By Shirabe Yamada Design genius and artist - it is a title that befits the women who made Palestine’s dresses in the...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinian Design in the Context of Furniture...
By Hani Mourad Design is one of the most important elements that adds to the competitive advantage of any product, yet we...
This Week In Palestine
Armenian Pottery and the Karakashians
By Tzoghig Aintablian Karakashian When you take a walk through the market alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City today, you are...
This Week In Palestine
Blue rough cotton woman's shirt with pointed sleeves.
Plate 36. The sleeves of this shirt are cut out of one piece, and not put together, as is the case with the shirt shown on...
S. Suleiman
The Emergence of Trade in the City of Hebron
and Its Development over the Past One Hundred Years By Mohammad Nafez Al Hirbawi Hebron is considered one of the...
This Week In Palestine
Magic and Talismans
Baha’ al-Ju’beh The Tawfiq Canaan Collection of Palestinian Amulets Source: The Jerusalem Quarterly Issue...
Jerusalem Quarterly
Palestinian handicrafts
Photo taken in Palestinian Heritage Center (Maha Saca) in Bethlehem near Rachel's Tomb)
Palestinian Heritage Center
Bethlehem handicrafts
Palestinian Handicrafts and old photos from Bethlehem available in the Palestinian Heritage Center (Maha Saca).
Palestinian Heritage Center
Traditional Palestinian dress
At the Palestinian Heritage Center, Maha Saca Bethlehem
Palestinian Heritage Center
The Storage Jar (Al-Khabiya)
By Khaldoun Bishara According to the Arabic dictionary, Al-Waseet, al-khabiya (pl. khawabi) is a large jar in which water...
This Week In Palestine
Tashakeel: A haven of handmade jewellery
By Shadi Abu Ayyash and Sammy Kirreh Flanked by two of her assistants, Hiam Rohana sits in her store, bent-double,...
This Week In Palestine
The Stone Tradition in Palestine
By George Nustas Any visitor to Palestine will be impressed by the vast use of stone in construction. Churches, mosques,...
This Week In Palestine
Fashion under Adversity
By Elie Walid Hanna Date: July 2006 Place: Beit Sahour Event: Haute Couture Fashion Show Sitting among the...
This Week In Palestine
Taybeh Beer
Promoting Pride in Palestine By Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D. There are a few courageous entrepreneurs in the occupied...
This Week In Palestine
Embroidery and Beyond Cultural heritage provides a...
By Shirabe Yamada A morning at Surif Women’s Cooperative starts early in the pristine village nestled in the Hebron...
This Week In Palestine
Mother of Pearl A Traditional Palestinian Craft
By Saleem Zougbi Although traditional Palestinian artefacts focus on embroidery and olive wood, mother of pearl artefacts...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinian invents queuing socks
Palestinians can find themselves waiting for hours at checkpoints A West Bank woman has developed special socks to help...
Arab Educational Institute
Nablous soap
Natural ... Traditional ... Chunky! By Rawan Shakaa You can find it in supermarkets but seldom in cosmetic shops. Its...
This Week In Palestine
Tattoos are employed as a means of adornment, its most important function. It is performed by pricking parts of the body by...
Turathuna Bethlehem University

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