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Stories & Sayings

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> What is Folklore Anyway?
> Folklore and Artas
> Stories on the Wall in Bethlehem
> Where Commemoration Meets Celebration
> Gypsies in Jerusalem: language
> Bethlehem Folklore and the Virgin Mary
> Jabra Ibrahim Jabra: memories of Christmas
> Coffee stories
> King Suleiman, the snake and the mole.
> Francesco, the gambler
> The baker and the hermit: A moral tale
> The juice seller and the king
> Bethlehem's Religious Proverbs and Sayings
> Religious Folklore in the Bethlehem District
> Preface from Folklore of the Holy Land 1907
> El Khadr in Ein Karem and Hebron
> The Tale of the Pilgrim Cat
> How the Cat and the Dog Became Enemies
> A Folklore Sampler
> My Father Died Alone in Gaza
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Folklore and Artas
submitted by Artas Folklore Center

What is Folklore Anyway?

A Folklore Sampler

Popular Songs and Dances of the Artas Folklore Troupe

Artas Folklore Troupe

To experience the rich variety of Artas Folklore in all its forms, organize a visit to Artas with the Artas Folklore Center.

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