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Stories & Sayings
How to use the Stories & Sayings section:
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What is Folklore Anyway?
What is Folklore anyway? No two people have the exact same answer. The one of the many definitions that seems to apply...
Artas Folklore Center
Folklore and Artas
What is Folklore Anyway? A Folklore Sampler Popular Songs and Dances of the Artas Folklore Troupe Artas...
Artas Folklore Center
Stories on the Wall in Bethlehem
The following stories will be writ large on the Wall at Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem. The stories will appear on large stickers...
Arab Educational Institute
Where Commemoration Meets Celebration
By Mazin Qumsiyeh TWIP October 2011 On 15 May this year, a teenager climbed the abandoned house of the original...
This Week In Palestine
Gypsies in Jerusalem: language
From the new Domari website http://www.wix.com/domarisociety/domari-society-website While related to both Punjabi of...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Bethlehem Folklore and the Virgin Mary
The following is mainly collected by dr Issa Massou, and available on the website of Dr Adnan Musallem of Bethlehem...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Jabra Ibrahim Jabra: memories of Christmas
The Shoes Adapted from: Jabra Ibrahim Jabra, The First Well, A Bethlehem Boyhood, The University of Arkansas Press...
Arab Educational Institute
Coffee stories
The name coffee is derived from the Arabic Kahweh, pronounced Kahveh by the Turks. It originally meant wine or other...
Arab Educational Institute
King Suleiman, the snake and the mole.
King Suleiman went to visit Syria, for a change of air. The mole heard that Suleiman was in Syria. She came to lay a...
Arab Educational Institute
Francesco, the gambler
During the time of our Lord Jesus, there was among the soldiers of Herod the Great an Italian named Francesco, a brave young...
Arab Educational Institute
The baker and the hermit: A moral tale
Once there was a very wealthy baker living in Jerusalem. As a widower, and without relatives, he daily handed out bread for...
Arab Educational Institute
The juice seller and the king
I will never forget my childhood. My grandfather taught me how to enjoy life, how to imagine, to learn from the past, how to...
Arab Educational Institute
Bethlehem's Religious Proverbs and Sayings
Bethlehem My Hometown From: the personal website of Dr Adnan...
Adnan Mousallem
Religious Folklore in the Bethlehem District
Stories of Places and Persons Connected with Religious Folklore in the Bethlehem District From: Website Dr Adnan...
Adnan Mousallem
Preface from Folklore of the Holy Land 1907
MY aim in this preface being to afford the untravelled reader of the following stories such a glimpse of the country and...
S. Suleiman
El Khadr in Ein Karem and Hebron
The "former" rains having failed during the months of November and December 1906, prayers for rain were offered up in all...
S. Suleiman
The Tale of the Pilgrim Cat
A town cat, having destroyed almost all the mice and rats in the place, found itself forced, for lack of prey, to go into the...
S. Suleiman
How the Cat and the Dog Became Enemies
THE dog and the cat were not always the enemies we now see them. There was once strong friendship between them. Their...
S. Suleiman
A Folklore Sampler
By nature, stories and folktales change in each telling. Probably no Palestinian village has so many of its stories and...
Artas Folklore Center
My Father Died Alone in Gaza
Subject: My Father Died Alone in Gaza by Ramzy Baroud Weekend Edition Apri1 5 / 6, 2008 My Father Died Alone in...
National Council For Development NCD

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