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Who Am I
submitted by This Week In Palestine

Who Am I but a speck of dust, a drop of water and a gentle beeze

Without me there is no being, there is no life

Listless am I as I hear a weeping child, a wailing mother

Listless am I as I hear the desperate cries of youth, the burdened moaning of the old

Helpless am I as I watch my children tortured, my people driven away

Helpless am I as I watch the growing thorns and the walls towering high

Why am I listless?

Why am I helpless?

Is it because I am but a speck of dust, a handful of earth, a breath of air, a flash of light, a gentle breeze, a moment of eternity?

Yet stormy winds are but of gentle breezes formed

Soaring waves are but of drops of water made and the burning sun is but of glimmering flashes shaped

Yet I am, but one breeze amongst those gentle breezes, one drop of water within those soaring waves and one flashing ray of light amongst so many others

Thus able and strong I shall be, listless, helpless no more

Who Am I is a poem written and composed by Rima Nasir Tarazi. It is also part of Ila Mata (until when) a CD which was produced by the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in October 2006 and sung by Tania Tamari Nasir.

This Week in Palestine
February 2007

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