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Art & Performing Arts
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Bethlehem: A Bright Future in Music
By Michele Cantoni This Week in Palestine December 2010 The importance each society gives to music and to music...
This Week In Palestine
Reem Kelani interviewed
Musical storytelling: Reem Kelani interviewed Sarah Irving, The Electronic Intifada, 1 October 2010 Reem Kelani (Şahan...
Arab Educational Institute
Palestinian Bagpipers
Richard Soudeh gave us the following link of a BBC one-minute audio slide show (March 2010) about the tradition of...
Arab Educational Institute
Fatenah, an animation from Gaza
Fatenah is a 27-year-old young woman who lives in the Gaza Strip. Her life was like that of many other women in Gaza, until...
This Week In Palestine
Ramallah: A Portrait of Works and Days
By Dr. Robert Weston Is there a Man whom incorrupt we call, Who fits alike unprejudic’d to all, By him the City...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinian Video Art
By Samar Martha There are many topics that come to mind when writing about Palestinian video art, such as the emergence of...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinian Youth Orchestra
August 2009 The Palestine Youth Orchestra at the Beiteddine Festival and in Amman By Lena Saleh A flagship of the...
This Week In Palestine
Prserving culture by dance
Cultural Preserves By Basil Ayish The bountiful harvests of Palestinian fellaheen who supply the rest of us with...
This Week In Palestine
The Palestinian love affair with Turkey
Turkish Delights By Dr. Ali Qleibo “She gave birth to a baby girl!” Aida screamed overjoyed relating the happy news...
This Week In Palestine
The Artas Folklore Center Invites you to the Fifteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival Friday, May 1, 2009 In the...
Artas Folklore Center
The Movie Lemon Tree
EVEN THE TREES ARE SUFFERING IN PALESTINE Luisa Morgantini’s introduction to the Italian Press-book of the...
Arab Educational Institute
Reem Kalani, singer
Source: The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk:80/music/2008/sep/19/reemkelani.ramadannights 'My narrative is that I...
Arab Educational Institute
An Artist from Palestine: Sliman Mansour
Steadfastness and Creativity By Faten Nastas Mitwasi Michael Imhof Verlag Publishing Company, Germany 2008, 112...
This Week In Palestine
Al Zaytouna: dabke
By Ahmed Masoud Al Zaytouna is a UK-based Palestinian dabke dance group that aims to provide diverse audiences the...
This Week In Palestine
The Virtual Gallery at Birzeit University
Braving Artistic Isolation By Vera Tamari What is Palestinian visual art? This question is very difficult to define. Is...
This Week In Palestine
Open air concert across Walls at Rachel's Tomb,...
June 14, 2008 On April 17 this year, Dutch composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven and his La Vie sur Terre organized at the Wall...
Arab Educational Institute
Popular Songs and Dances of the Artas Folklore Troupe
The Artas Folklore Center's Ahya al Turath Folklore Troupe is not only a staple of the Annual Artas Lettuce Festival, but is...
Artas Folklore Center
Thirteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival April...
The Artas Valley became a giant salad bowl during the four-day Thirteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival which took place...
Artas Folklore Center
The Fourteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival,...
The Fourteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival was well attended despite the many difficulties faced and minimal funding...
Artas Folklore Center
Palestinian Cinema – An Example for the Region?
By Omar Al-Qattan The Artist and the World In trying to reconcile their imagination and their desires with the world...
This Week In Palestine

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