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Art & Performing Arts
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Twelfth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival Draws Crowds...
By Leyla Zuaiter It is unseasonably cool, and if the skies are not clear, the forecast rain has not materialized. At 2:00...
Artas Folklore Center
Reflections on the Palestinian Art Movement before 1948
The Paintings of Jabra Ibrahim Jabra By George Al Ama and Nada Atrash TWIP May 2012 The Palestinian Nakba in 1948...
This Week In Palestine
Beautiful Resistance
By Dr. Abdelfattah Abusrour This Week in Palestine May 2012 I was born Palestinian, and I don’t want to do anything...
This Week In Palestine
The Roots Remain
By Jane Frere This Week in Palestine May 2012 The cloud of figures cascading through the air evoked a profoundly...
This Week In Palestine
Video Clips of the Artas Folklore Troupe
We have gathered just a few of the many videos showing performances of the the Artas Folklore Center's Ahya al Turath...
Artas Folklore Center
Images/ Video Clips 2012 Artas Lettuce Festival
Updated April 25, 2012 For those who missed the Eighteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival, a "moving festival" between...
Artas Folklore Center
Artas in Spirit of Sumud Exhibition by...
Stunning images from the 2006 Artas Lettuce Festival by Australian born, Berlin-based James Prineas, founder...
Artas Folklore Center
Medi-Terra: Music across Lands - 2005 - Artas...
Medi-Terra: Music across Lands Artas Folklore Center Group The concerts take place within the frame of the...
Artas Folklore Center
The Artas Folklore Center has its own drama troupe, named after the Artas Spring in the heart of the village, and...
Artas Folklore Center
The General Goals of the Artas Lettuce Festival
Among the traditional goals of the Artas Lettuce festival (including the hike) are:  Increasing awareness of...
Artas Folklore Center
Artas Folklore Troupe
Note: Abu Lutfi, head of the Artas Folklore Troupe, passed away November 18, 2014. With his passing, much has been lost....
Artas Folklore Center
Questionnaire for the Artas Folklore Center by...
1. Give a description of the music you play, including also the following information: Is the repertoire instrumental and/or...
Artas Folklore Center
The Fourteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival (2008)
The Fourteeth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival took place in Artas from April 10-13, 2008 and was sponsored by the Ministry of...
Artas Folklore Center
Twelfth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival Draws Crowds...
It is unseasonably cool, and if the skies are not clear, the forecast rain has not materialized. At 2:00 on April 6, the...
Artas Folklore Center
Lettuce! Why Lettuce?
Lettuce? Why Lettuce?" is a question often asked when mention is made of the Artas Lettuce Festival. Established in 1994...
Artas Folklore Center
Seventeenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival April...
Seventeenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival April 14-15. 2011 submitted by Artas Folklore Center 09.04.2011...
Artas Folklore Center
The Thirteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival April...
The Artas Valley became a giant salad bowl during the four-day Thirteenth Annual Artas Lettuce Festival which took place...
Artas Folklore Center
Leisure, Love, and Fashion Turkish Soap Operas in...
By Dr. Ali Qleibo TWIP, March 2012 Throughout Palestine Turkish drama is the new fad. It is the current...
This Week In Palestine
Here is a brief (5 minute) animation cartoon made by Bethlehem children about the Wall, inspired by Little Red Riding Hood....
Arab Educational Institute
Epic series
Art, Music & Culture Epic series "The Promise" dramatizes Palestine, past and present Neville Rigby The Electronic...
Arab Educational Institute