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The General Goals of the Artas Lettuce Festival
submitted by Artas Folklore Center

Among the traditional goals of the Artas Lettuce festival (including the hike) are:

 Increasing awareness of Palestinians and foreign guests about the rich cultural and natural heritage of Palestine, and the importance of its documentation and preservation, especially in light of the many threats facing it.

 Providing a venue for performances and exhibits by individuals, groups and organizations involved in various aspects of Palestinian history and natural and cultural heritage.

 Encouraging people to know and love Palestine “on their feet,” in a concrete manner, rather than as an abstract concept, and induce the attitudes necessary for preservation of the environment.

 Building appreciation of Palestine in general, and Artas in particular as a meeting point of ecosystems, cultures and civilizations through concrete experience with the traces of succeeding civilizations in the form of archeological, architectural and natural sites in the village.

 Sharing the living traditions and folklore which incorporates elements of various civilizations going back thousands of years, in which Solomon and the jinn play a fascinating part.

 Promoting awareness of the huge body of work and literature on Artas going back about 150 years, making it the most documented village in Palestine.

 Promoting contact between Palestinians of different regions by providing an occasion which encourages them to make the effort to attend despite the difficulties

 Support of the rural Palestinian woman through sale of homemade crafts and food products

 Attracting donors and partners to help it realize its goals in archeological preservation, research and documentation, and community outreach as well as tourism.

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