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Customs & Remedies
"Customs are a fifth element in the world [i.e. along with earth, fire, air and water]"
Syrian proverb

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The Semiology of the Palestinian Face
The Dichotomy of Private versus Public Space By Dr. Ali Qleibo TWIP September 2011 Each culture is an empire of...
This Week In Palestine
Aida Kattan (1): The taboun
Aida Kattan is a teacher from Beit Jala. The taboun is the Palestinian oven. How to warm or lighten up the taboun for...
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Aida Kattan (2): The Palestinian Mukhtar
Aida Kattan is a teacher from Beit Jala. In the past the whole hara used to have a mukhtar [head of a neighborhood or...
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Aida Kattan (3): the Palestinian wedding in the...
Aida Kattan is a teacher from Beit Jala I want to speak about the customs and traditions here in this region when...
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Aida Kattan (4): Henna brought on the bride
Aida Kattan is a teacher from Beit Jala Before the henna was put on the bride, the bride and the groom and their family...
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Aida Kattan (5): Nuzha, the summer picnic
Aida Kattan is teacher from Beit Jala. Fifty, sixty years ago, inhabitants of Bethlehem, Beit Jala and Beit Sahour, and...
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Aida Kattan (6) Traditions from the home courtyard
Aida Kattan is a teacher from Beit Jala. IN THE COURTYARD Let me tell you about life in the courtyard of the...
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Shepherds, Grazing Fields, and Recreational Games
Palestinian Traditional Sports By Dr. Ali Qleibo “Most games took place in the late afternoon, the heat of the day...
This Week In Palestine
Nablus' olive oil soap: a Palestinian tradition...
Its formula is strikingly simple - a combination of virgin olive oil, water, and a basic sodium compound - but the history of...
Mona Wafa
Palestinian Wedding
This embroidered piece is titled The 'Palestinian Wedding' which was purchased while we were visiting Ramallah. The picture...
Mona Wafa
Plant-Lore in Palestinian Superstition
Tawfiq Canaan Source: Jerusalem Quarterly Summer 2005 Marking the olive harvest of 2005, the Jerusalem Quarterly...
Jerusalem Quarterly
In the 16th century the fruits of the black mulberry tree (morus nigra) and its secretions were all used for medicinal...
This Week In Palestine
Tosheh: a Palestinian Villagers’ Quarrel
By Dr. Sharif Kana’aneh Tosheh is a spontaneous quarrel that takes place between two families, neighbourhoods or...
This Week In Palestine
The Palestinian Wedding Practices and Rituals
By Na’ela Azzam Libbes Folk weddings, some of which are still practised within our traditional communities, have been...
This Week In Palestine
Privacy and Love in Palestinian Villages
Intimacy and the Other: By Dr. Ali Qleibo The discourse of silence is constitutive of Palestinian individual identity....
This Week In Palestine
Feast days in Jerusalem as they used to be
The following are remembrances of Subbi Ghosheh: One of my friends recently asked me, a tone of blame in his voice, why...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Washing their hair with herbs
"It is in April that the mysterious Thursday of the Plants (Khamis el-Nabaat) usually falls; it is fourteen days before Good...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Chamomile (Babounej)
This Week in Palestine June 2005 The ancient Greeks called this plant the "earth's apple" due to its pungent smell...
This Week In Palestine