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Israel appropriating historical sites for colonial ends
Sarah Irving The Electronic Intifada 18 April 2011 Moves by the Israeli government and settler movement to...
Arab Educational Institute
Sebastya: John the Baptist, Almond Blossom, and...
By Dr. Ali Qleibo Myth and history interweave in a single magical moment in Sebastya. Perched on a mountaintop surrounded...
This Week In Palestine
Shechem -Mamurta -Mabartha -Neapolis
By Dr. Ibrahim El-Fanni Neapolis Neapolis is surrounded on all sides by extensive, fertile agricultural lands and...
This Week In Palestine
Al-Jib - Ramallah
Past the village of Bir Nabala lies the picturesque village of Al-Jib (the biblical Gibeon). The ancient Tell is a rocky hill...
This Week In Palestine
Tell Umm Amer A Potential World Heritage Site - Gaza
The site of Tell Umm Amer (Khirbet Umm Al-Tutt) is located in Al-Nusairat village on the coast, east of the shore rifts and...
This Week In Palestine
The Name of Bethlehem throughout the World
Auspiciously and in search of blessings, the name of Bethlehem has been given to many cities in the world. The following list...
Turathuna Bethlehem University
Sites and Shrines in Palestine
By Hamdan Taha The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is responsible for an area that contains over six thousand...
This Week In Palestine
The Ekron Inscription: Re-reading the first...
This Week in Palestine October 2005 By Zakaria Mohammed Ten years ago a major archaeological event occurred in...
This Week In Palestine
Stealing Palestinian History
This Week in Palestine October 2005 By Kevin Chamberlain While the world’s media has been concentrating on the...
This Week In Palestine