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Community Histories
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The Gypsy Community in Jerusalem
The origins of the Gypsy people in Palestine can be traced back to India in the 18th century. The Gypsies of India...
This Week In Palestine
The Civil Disobedience of Beit Sahour
Beit Sahour, on the way from Bethlehem to Herodion, is a Palestinian town of 13,000 with a Christian majority and a Moslem...
Arab Educational Institute
The tax revolt in Beit Sahour
During the Intifadah the inhabitants of Beit Sahour refused to pay taxes to the occupation authorities. They were not...
Arab Educational Institute
On A Donkey: A Syriac history
Tamara Kando I interviewed my grandmother whose name is Salma Kando. She told me about the difficult life that they used...
Terra Sancta School For Girls
I Can’t Forget My Hometown (Ein Karem)
Claude Tushieh Homeland is dear to all of us. I often asked myself questions about my roots. My father used to say that...
Terra Sancta School For Girls
I Was Born In War. I Have Lived In War. And I Feel...
Amal Owaineh My grandfather is a great man. He is an educator but not like a teacher at school; he got his education...
Terra Sancta School For Girls