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Community Histories
"Ask the experienced rather than the learned."
Arabic proverb

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Family History Based Tourism: Case in Point: Artas...
Family History Based Tourism: Case in Point: Artas Folklore Center, the Twelfth Annual Lettuce Festival, April 7, 8 and 9,...
Artas Folklore Center
Women and Artas
Women, both local and foreign, play a vital role in the history and heritage of Artas, as researcher informants, story...
Artas Folklore Center
The Vagabond Café and Jerusalem's Prince of Idleness
Salim Tamari Jerusalem Quarterly October 2003 Issue 19 The return of Khalil Sakakini from his American sojourn...
Jerusalem Quarterly
A Century and a Half of Women's Encounters in Artas
On March 8, 2007 the Artas Women's Group hosted members of Palestinian and foreign women's' groups in their village. If at...
Artas Folklore Center
Warming Up in Jericho
By Dr. Ali Qleibo In winter, Jerusalem projects a sense of forlorn melancholy. The early September clouds increase the...
This Week In Palestine
Bethlehem history - from 19th century on
THE 19TH AND 20TH CENTURY (see the previous item "Bethlehem History - until 19th century" for the earlier history of...
Arab Educational Institute
Bethlehem history - until 19th century
SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS HISTORY OF BETHLEHEM Until 19th century Although we do not know much about Bethlehem's prehistory,...
Arab Educational Institute