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Palestinian Americans
submitted by Andrew Dabdoub

Palestinian Americans are Americans of Palestinian ancestry.

It is difficult to say when the first Palestinian immigrants arrived at the United States, however, many of the first immigrants to arrive were Christians leaving Ottoman Palestine in the late 1800s, others came as a result of the 1948 conflict, imposed by Israel, and various conflicts after that.

Some came via Latin America in search of jobs, a better life and business opportunities, in cities like New York and Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago and other towns in the USA, alongside other Middle Eastern communities such as the Lebanese and others .

According to the US Census Bureau's 2000 count, there were 72,112 Palestinian-Americans living in the United States, however, The Arab American Institute Foundation estimates the figure at 252,000 while the Palestinian American Council puts it at 179,000 (1999).

Palestinians with American, British, and other Western Passports suffer from Israeli bias on the pretext of security. They are sometimes turned away from Israeli border checkpoints because either they were born in Palestine or have family living there.

Even worse, and this should be an unpleasant surprise to the American public in general, would be learning that for over 30 years, Israel has repeatedly and systematically detained, tortured and incarcerated Americans of Palestinian origin, without suffering any sanctions or even a public reprimand from Washington.

Andrew M Dabdoub
New Orleans, Louisiana.

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