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Myths and Legends

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Pilgrimage (2)
submitted by Arab Educational Institute

Once, during the reign of caliph Haroun al-Rashid, somebody wanted to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He left a box with money at a banker. However, when the pilgrim came back after one year, the banker refused to give the money back. The man went to the caliph to ask for his judgement. The caliph interrogated the banker:
"What did you receive from the man?"
"I received a box with olives."
"Please show me the box." The banker brought a box with olives.
The caliph then summoned a peasant with a sound knowledge of olives. He asked him: "How old are these olives?" The peasant looked at them carefully and said: "They are quite recent." The caliph then knew that it was the banker who had put the olives in the box, not the pilgrim.

Arab Educational Institute, Moral Stories from Palestine. Culture and Palestine Series, Bethlehem 1999. For more information: aei@p-ol.com

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