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Myths and Legends

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The judge Karakash
submitted by Arab Educational Institute

There used to be a judge known for his impartiality. His name was Karakash. Once he dealt with the following case. When a carpenter repaired a door a stone fell from the roof and broke his leg. He went to Karakesh, who requested the landlord to come. The landlord said that it was not his fault but the builder's. Karakesh then summoned the builder. The builder said that it was also not his fault because when he made the brick that fell down he was distracted by a girl who wore a very bright cloth and so he could not see what he was doing.

Karakash then sought for the girl. She was found and brought before him. When Karakash accused her of being responsible for the man's broken leg, she denied any responsibility. "It was not my fault, but the draper's. When I went to buy the dress, he had only one colour." So the draper was summoned. The draper said that it was not his fault, but the manufacturer's since when he ordered the cloths from England the manufacturer had only one colour. "What! You dog" said Karakash, "You bought from a heathen?" And he ordered the draper to be hanged from the lintel of his door. Now it happened that the man was quite tall. The servants of justice said that it was impossible to hang him from that lintel. So Karakash told them: "Hang the first short man you can find. Justice must be done!"

Arab Educational Institute, Moral Stories from Palestine. Culture and Palestine Series, Bethlehem 1999. For more information: aei@p-ol.com

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