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Nightlife in Ramallah
submitted by This Week In Palestine

By Ghaith Nassar

I sit at the bar in Zan, a draught of Taybeh beer in my hand, and drift away from the heated political discussion between my friends as I think about the great time I had in Ramallah this summer. I remember all the great parties that were hosted in Zan and the crazy jazz jam sessions in Snobar, which included a lot of drinking and dancing and ended in swimming till 4 a.m. I remember the amazing barbeques in the hills of Al-Tireh that lasted till dawn when all the bottles of beer, tequila, and arak were drunk. I remember the nice nights out with my family at al-Bardauni and Plaza, and the gatherings with my friends in the spectacular garden in Sangria’s.

If you like your nights out and love the Mediterranean weather, then going out in Ramallah is a must. You are sure to find a place to suit your interests unless, of course, you are looking for a gay venue or a nightclub. If you feel like experiencing Palestinian culture firsthand, then you should definitely try al-Bardauni, Plaza, Darna, or any of the other restaurants that serve Palestinian cuisine. The traditional décor and Arabic music in the background make dining at one of these places a unique experience.

If you want to go to a bar for a few drinks and perhaps a shisha with friends, then pick and choose from various bars/restaurants in Ramallah. Sangria’s and Vatché are great spots if you want to sit in a lush garden and enjoy the lovely nights of Ramallah. You can either sit at the bar in Sangria’s or at a table in one of the three levels of the garden. I recommend the sangrias (the cocktail!) at Sangria’s, as they’re definitely the best in Ramallah. Sangria’s is also well-known for its nachos.

Zan is for those of you who like a cosy pub. The wide range of music, the friendly bartenders, and the welcoming atmosphere are the best things in Zan. The parties held on weekends are amazing; music can rage from techno to pop Arabic music and hip-hop depending on the DJ. Zan is also known to hold many gigs, jazz jam sessions, and cultural events.

Pronto’s is another great place in Ramallah. It is famous for its Italian menu and is the only place where you can get a draught of the new Taybeh amber beer, which is a tasty mix of dark and golden beer. Stones and Sinatra’s are hip places to be with a nice atmosphere and great drinks and food menus.

For those who like dancing, the lack of nightclubs is compensated by either privately organized parties or ones that are organized by hotels or bars. The Grand Park and Zan are known to hold parties regularly. Although the music is usually pop Arabic music and hip-hop, there are occasional techno or salsa nights. If that strikes your fancy, then keep an eye out for these rare events as they don’t happen very often.

If you like your coffee and shisha and enjoy playing cards, then you can try one of the many coffee shops in Ramallah. Unfortunately most of them are attended by guys only. The only place that caters to both sexes is the Ramallah Coffee Shop on Rukab Street. If you like playing pool, then you can go the many poolrooms in Ramallah; Miraj and Almonds are the only places where both sexes can play pool.

If you are into arts and cultural events, then Ramallah is the city for you, as there are shows, concerts, exhibitions, and festivals going on in Ramallah all year long. They range from traditional Palestinian shows and cultural heritage festivals to international music festivals, dance festivals, international and local movie showings, and exhibitions of local and international artists and photographers. For information about all these events, check out the most recent issue of This Week in Palestine.

If you ever feel like organizing something yourself, then you can book a DJ and a hall and hold your own party, buy some chicken and meat and have a barbeque somewhere in the hills in al-Tireh, or just hold a party at your place if you have the music and the space.

If you are ever bored with the places in Ramallah and would like a change, you can always go to the restaurants in Bir Zeit, Jifna, or Ein Areek, which are all a 30- to 45-minute drive from Ramallah. These restaurants are known for their excellent Palestinian food and reasonable prices.

The variety of places to go and the new events and exhibitions in Ramallah and its surroundings will keep you entertained all year round.

Ghaih Nassar grew up in Ramallah, graduated from the Friends Boys School in 2005, and is currently studying architectural engineering in the United Kingdom.

This Week in Palestine
September 2007

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