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The Bethlehemian Smile
submitted by Fuad Salem

The hills, can be seen for miles and miles,

And the happiness upon a face, is seen, in wondrous smiles !

And gazing at majestic rolling hills, rising from the earth's floor --

Makes one want to go exploring, all around Bethlehem, finding more.

More of the beauty of Bethlehem -- "look" -- it's right before our eyes !

Don't let the occupation and the mundane things of life prevail -- overpowering Bethlehem lives.

Take time to smell the air, take some time to really "see" --

What a glorious and beautiful place, this "Bethlehem" of ours can be !

It could be the sun, the moon, the stars -- our very soul within,

The merge of family and of friends -- now where do we begin ?

That's easy -- take one smile from your face, transfer it to another --

And -- a chain reaction -- smiles soon "beaming" from brother to brother!

Now wouldn't it be wonderful, to find yourself someday ?

Among many smiling faces -- "just listen" -- as they say --

"Here's one for you -- please take it -- put it in your heart --

Keep it there forever, your smile and you will never part !"

Fuad Salem California, USA

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