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Abraham Issa Milade & Sofia Laama Family Tree
submitted by Richard Roger

i am the great-grandson of Ibrahim Issa Jacob Milade
born: 8/28/1847 Bethlehem, Palestina
his brother: Jacub.
his sisters: Nejme, Maria, and Milade.

Here are some of the surnames of his ancestors: Milade, Antonmaria, Giaar, Awes, Mansoor, Zablah, and Khalif.

The Milade family was in the Ghanem sub-clan. (a sub-clan in the Farahiyeh clan: 1 of the 6 Christian clans in Bethlehem).

Most in the Farahiyeh clan were baptized and married in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

In 1870, Ibrahim married Sara Ibrahim Soliman Sayeh from the Musallah clan (a sub-clan in the Farahiyeh clan).

At some point in time, Ibrahim dropped the surname Milade and began using Issa as the surname.

In 1876, they gave birth to Elias Issa.
In 1881, they gave birth to John Issa.

In 1884, Ibrahim married Sofia Jusef Anton Butros Laama from the Laama sub-clan.

Here are some of the surnames of her ancestors: Laama, Batarseh, Sabat, and Abukhalil.

In 1886: they gave birth to Antonio Issa.
In 1890: they gave birth to Sarah Issa.

In 1894, Ibrahim, Elias, John, and Antonio left Bethlehem and they went to Jamaica to set up a business there.

On 6/13/1901, Ibrahim died in Kingston, Jamaica at the age of 53.

In ???, John Issa married Waheda Bichara Laama, daughter of Bichara Joseph Laama.
In 1920, he became the Mayor of Bethlehem.
In 1944, Waheda died.
In ???, he married Bertha (I do not know her last name). I do not know if he had any children.
In 1967, the Israelis took his house in Baka, Bethlehem.

In 1908, Sarah Issa (my grandmother), the daughter of Ibrahim Issa Jacob Milade, married David AntonMaria from the Ghanem clan. She was Catholic and he was Greek Orthodox.

Here are some of the surnames of David's ancestors: Antonmaria, Niculi, Salman, and Farah.

In 1910, they gave birth to Antonio in Barranquilla, Colombia.
In 1915, they gave birth to John Maria.
In 1922, they gave birth to Sofia Maria (my mother).
In 1928, they gave birth to Olga Maria.

In 1948, my mother married Joseph Roger in Barranquilla, Colombia.
In 1954, they moved to New York City.
In 1955, they gave birth to me.

I am doing my family tree and I am very interested in family history, stories, photos, living relatives, etc.

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