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Tarajmeh hamula
submitted by Arab Educational Institute


In your web you repeat the usual error of saying that the Tarajmeh hamuleh of Bethlehem is from Italian or other Frankish people origins. This is a gross mistake. The Tarajmeh hamuleh is originally from the Galilee area. Their ancestors were warriors in the Venetian army, but not ethnic Venetians--hence there is no ethnic connection between Europeans and the Tarajmeh at all. Before the crusaders' time, the ancestors of the Tarajmeh were warriors in the Ghassanid army, and before the Ghassanid epoch they were Hellenized Canaanites, and before that full-fledged Canaanites, and before that they descend from the pre-Canaanite tribes settled in the Sinai around 20,000 yrs ago who around 15,000 yrs ago mutated into a Levantine branch. Indeed, genetically we belong to the Haplogroup E-M123* which is present in Palestine and the rest of the Levant ("Bilad esh Sham") since at least 15,000 yrs!!! Thus, the Tarajmeh are the descendents of the original inhabitants of Canaan and have never left their land, and not strangers from Europe. Kindly rectify your records reg the origin of the Tarajmeh clan of Bethlehem.
Best Regards,
Anton mansour Abu khalil el Tarajmeh

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