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photos of Beisan
submitted by Gabrielle O'Connor

Does anyone have any old photos of Beisan? (Beit Shean) I particularly want a photo of the "governor's palace". My grandfather was the governor - or whatever the Palestinian equivalent was at the time - in the early 1900s. His name was Neguib Madi. I was there in 1989 on a bus tour and asked the guide to ask the bus driver to slow down or even stop for a minute or two so I could find the house but not only did they not stop, but sped up going through the town. Very briefly I glimpsed a building which may have been the one, a stone building (no roof left) pockmarked with bullet holes, but at the gate there was a white escutcheon plate edged in navy, with, I think, a crown on it, which looked very much like an official sign. Can anyone help? Thanks in anticipation.

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  Submitted by John Zibe 17.02.2013    

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