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Notable Palestinians
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François Nicodeme, composer
An Unfinished Piano Concerto? Or an Unfinished Composer’s Life… The race with time is as old as the existence of...
This Week In Palestine
Yasmin Katamish, dancer
Yasmin: A Luring Fragrance of Palestinian Dance It was not easy for her to reach the top, despite her natural talent and...
This Week In Palestine
Ibtisam Barakat: Writer, poet and educator
IMEU, Feb 28, 2007 Palestinian-American author Ibtisam Barakat Born in Beit Hanina, near Jerusalem , Ibtisam...
Arab Educational Institute
Mrs Hind Husseini:
The Children of Deir Yassin by Pat McDonnell Twair As hostilities intensified between Jews and Palestinians during...
Arab Educational Institute
Munib R. Masri, entrepreneur and minister
In 1952, Munib R. Masri (MRM) walked down the plank and off the boat that brought him from Nablus via Beirut and Jabal Tarek...
This Week In Palestine
Yousef Khasho, composer
A Man of Symphonies ... a Man of the World In memoriam of the tenth anniversary of his passing-8 March 1997 When...
This Week In Palestine
Husni Elias Haddad, musician, industrialist
The late Husni Haddad, Abu Ramzi, is what you would call salt of the earth. He was a patriot, a musician, and an...
This Week In Palestine
George Ibrahim: Theatre artist
36 years of work in the Palestinian theatre Born in Ramleh in 1945, George Ibrahim is an artist who works in the...
This Week In Palestine
Fady Abu Sultan, tea seller in Gaza
A child in Gaza – Working to help his family live December 20 2006 - Gaza City -- Fady Abu Sultan is a 14-year-old boy...
Arab Educational Institute
Sharif Kanaana, anthropologist and folklorist
Professor Sharif Kanaana is an anthropologist, folklorist, researcher, and educator of international renown. Throughout a...
This Week In Palestine
Hanna Giacaman, heritage keeper
Hanna Giacaman 1922–2006 Homage to a Heritage Keeper By Leyla Zuaiter Whenever I sat with the late Hanna Abdullah...
This Week In Palestine
Edward Muallem: Theatre Pioneer, Actor, Trainer,...
At the age of 17, Edward Muallem went from his village Mi’ilya, in the Northern part of the Galilee, to study geography and...
This Week In Palestine
Musa Nasir: educator
Fittingly, this issue’s personality is the prominent educator Musa Nasir (1895 -1971). Though a statesman as well and...
This Week In Palestine
Musa Sanad and the Artas Folklore Center:Timeline...
Artas Folklore Center Timeline 1972 •Embarrassed by his discovery that a foreign woman visiting the village knew...
Artas Folklore Center
Hanna Safieh 1910-1979, photographer
Hanna Safieh was born in Jerusalem in 1910 to a Palestinian Arab family. Shortly after starting work as a photographer,...
This Week In Palestine
Sameeha Khalil, founder Inash al-Usra
SAMEEHA KHALIL 1923-1999 Sameeha Yousef Al-Qabaj Khalil was born in the village of Anabta, in the district of...
This Week In Palestine
Mahmoud Darwish, poet
"I am not mine" Mahmoud Darwish: The Expropriated Poet Serene Huleileh* To a reader: Do not trust the poem - The...
This Week In Palestine
Shereen Abu-Aqleh
Born in Jerusalem, Shereen Abu-Aqleh began her career as a reporter after graduating with a Bachelor degree in journalism...
This Week In Palestine
Hind Husseini
The Woman Behind Dar Al-Tifl Hind Husseini, a Jerusalem socialite and a dedicated Palestinian social activist and...
This Week In Palestine
Faisal Al-Husseini
A few days ago, as I was on my way to Jerusalem back from Ramallah, I drove by the Qalandia military checkpoint. Just before...
This Week In Palestine

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