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Notable Palestinians
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Julia Dabdoub, Aliyya Nusseibeh, Nuzha Darwish,...
Palestinian Women Bright Stars in a Bleak Night By Ali Qleibo The Palestinian woman has been discursively constituted as...
This Week In Palestine
Ashira Ramadan, journalist
The Road to Journalism By Ashira Ramadan I woke up on the ground with wooden sticks coming at me from every direction...
This Week In Palestine
Kamel Al-Mughani: Resistance Artist
Symbols from Palestinian heritage, the land, and resistance are the themes depicted in the works of the late Palestinian...
This Week In Palestine
Tawfik Zayyad, politician and poet
Tawfik Zayyad: Voice of His People By Riad Masarwi The British writer Oscar Wilde once said that characters make...
This Week In Palestine
Mervat Essa, artist
Born in 1970 in the village of Jish, in the eastern Upper Galilee, only seven kilometers north-west of Safad, Mervat Essa...
This Week In Palestine
Makbula Nassar, photographer
By Hazem Jamjoum I had seen her photographs of Saffuriyya long before seeing her there. Poetically performing her role as...
This Week In Palestine
Palestinian artist Emily Jacir awarded top prize
Maymanah Farhat, The Electronic Intifada, 15 December 2008 From: Electronic...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Dahoud Tawfiq Nasser, tile designer
Taybeh Antique Floor Tiles By Maria C. Khoury, Ed. D. In this new millennium where it has become more economical to...
This Week In Palestine
Fawzy Jiries Nastas, sculpturer
After more than forty years of working and sculpturing, Fawzy Jiries Nastas is an experienced artist whose works can be found...
This Week In Palestine
Nadia Abu-Ghattas, silver designer
Since childhood, Nadia Abu Ghattas, the famous silver designer who was born in Beit Jala, showed talent and interest in arts...
This Week In Palestine
Ibrahim Haddad, industrialist
A self-made man, ambitious, creative and adventurous, Ibrahim Haddad has built an empire in Jenin, overcoming obstacles and...
This Week In Palestine
Rania Elias-Khoury, cultural entrepreneur
Juggling between a husband, three young children, a teenage daughter, and a very demanding job, one wonders how Rania...
This Week In Palestine
Mohammed Omer, journalist
Mohammed Omer, a guy I admire... Have a look at Menassat, website on journalism and media in the Arab world Giving voice...
Arab Educational Institute
Jowan Qupty: a Palestinian Swimming Champion
On Our Way to the Olympics! Jowan Qupty is a young Palestinian swimming champion who already has a couple of important...
This Week In Palestine
Sadeq Damrah, swimmer and swimming trainer
The Longest Lap Palestinian swimmer works to bring facilities and expertise to Jericho A dream of going to the Olympics...
This Week In Palestine
Rimon Najib Salim Zabaneh, sports leader
Known as the initiator of new sports programmes and activities during the golden era of sports at the East Jerusalem YMCA...
This Week In Palestine
Rafat Al Aydeh, actor and drama teacher
By Jackie Lubeck He came to us more than ten years ago having just taken off his mask from the first Intifada. “What do...
This Week In Palestine
Abou Radwan family of Jaffa city
I can quote many reference to 'Abou Radwan' Family of Jaffa in the precious book of 1600 pages titled 'ENCYCLOPEDIA OF...
Amina Abou Radwan
Notable Palestinians in the Recent History of Lebanon
لا يتخيل الكثير منكم حجم الدور الذي لعبه ومازال الفلسطينيين يلعبوه...
Mona Wafa
Yousef Katalo, painter
By Nassar Ibrahim He takes you by surprise and awakens within you a deep sense of anticipation and suspense. His works...
This Week In Palestine

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