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Notable Palestinians
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Emily Jacir - Palestinian-American artist wins...
"This is for Palestine." Emily Jacir - Palestinian-American artist wins Golden Lion in Venice Palestinian-American...
Fuad Salem
Fayeq [Mike} Nasser
Born in Bethlehem March 1945, son of Issa Jacob Nasser & Azizeh Hanna Qanawati. Married to Mary Anton Nasser Al Jaar with 2...
Mary Nasser
Hanna Giacaman, heritage keeper
Hanna Giacaman 1922–2006 Homage to a Heritage Keeper By Leyla Zuaiter Whenever I sat with the late Hanna Abdullah...
This Week In Palestine
Adnan Mousallem: historian
Adnan Mousallem A lecturer at Bethlehem university and former Dean of Arts, Adnan Mousallem conducted research on the...
Arab Educational Institute
Milad Fatouleh: Palestinian Child Wins...
Milad Fatouleh, a 10-year-old boy from Beit Jala, went to Italy last November to represent Palestine at the Zecchino...
This Week In Palestine
Daniel Zoughbie: Global Micro-Clinic Founder
Berkeley Undergrad Sets Up Mini-Clinics KGO By Carolyn Johnson May 22 2006 - KGO - The commencement speaker for...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Julia Dabdoub, Bethlehem
Mrs Julia Dabdoub is the president of the 50 year-old [now almost 60-year] Arab Women's Union in Bethlehem. One of their...
Arab Educational Institute
Interview with Mitri Raheb: Recounting ordinary stories
The following is an old interview with Mitri Raheb, reverend at the Christmas Church in Bethlehem, which is interesting for...
Toine Van Teeffelen