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Life Stories
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Folklore Stories
http://www.spiritofsumud.ps/gal-4.shtml an interview with Mrs. Tania Ghattas about the Palestinian Folklor Stories. This...
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Sumud as keeping one's humanity
http://www.spiritofsumud.ps/gal-7.shtml an interview with Mrs. Sylvana Giacaman, about Sumud and keeping one's Humanity....
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Family Ties
http://www.spiritofsumud.ps/gal-9.shtml an interview with Ms. Georgette Qassis about family ties. This interview was...
Spirit Of Sumud Tourism Program
Hayat, from Akka
A Palestinian Biography By Rania Filfil If you call yourself a Frenchman or a French woman, you know where you belong:...
This Week In Palestine
Helwieh, from Al-Mujaydil
Present Always By Diana Buttu For the past several decades, Helwieh (age 97), her children, grandchildren, and...
This Week In Palestine
The dream of return to Palestine of the...
I am writing these lines in memory of my beloved grandmother, V J, who died some years ago after some complications in the...
Mike Zarifa
Antoinette: Listen to the children's song
I am Antoinette Knesivich. I live in Beit Jala in the Rachel’s Tomb area. The main street used to be full of...
Arab Educational Institute
Mariam’s Story, from Ramleh to Bethlehem
When I was 19, I married and moved to live with my husband in Ramla. We were so happy. One month before the war started in...
Arab Educational Institute
Rose: Memory of Ein Karem
I was born in Ein Karem in 1934. My grandmother was born in Ein Karem. Ein Karem was a very old city where Muslim and...
Arab Educational Institute
Life in Beit Sahour: Jaela Andoni’s Story
Interview series Anne Gough "This land is the skin on my bones" – Mahmoud Darwish Life in Beit Sahour...
Arab Educational Institute
Sada, living in Dheisha, 120 years old
ONCE THE LAND WAS BEAUTIFUL Interview by Jane Toby Salaam Aleikum. My name is Sada. Sada means...
Arab Educational Institute
Hend, from Al-Walaja near Bethlehem
WHERE I LIVE ISN’T REALLY OUR VILLAGE Interview by Jane Toby The village I come from is called Al-Walaja Village....
Arab Educational Institute
Abu-Yaser Recalls Life in Tel el-Safi
UNRWA Commemorates 1948: Abu-Yaser Recalls Life in Tel el-Safi By Vicky Samantha Rossi and Tarek Z. Ismail A handwritten...
This Week In Palestine
Najwa Ahmed, a Palestinian refugee in Khan Younis
UNRWA Commemorates 1948: My Father’s Lost Paradise By Najwa Sheikh Ahmed I am a Palestine refugee who was born in Khan...
This Week In Palestine
Ramzt Baroud's father
My Father Died Alone in Gaza There are No Checkpoints in Heaven By RAMZY BAROUD...
Toine Van Teeffelen
Ishaq al-Shami, Arab Jew
Ishaq al-Shami and the Predicament of the Arab Jew in Palestine Salim Tamari Source: Jerusalem Quarterly August...
Jerusalem Quarterly
A Palestinian child in a Syrian refugee camp
The photo shows a life story
Arab Educational Institute
This Is Me! By Dina Meo
OK, here’s my life, people … On school days, Dad usually wakes me up at about 6:30. I get up, I need five minutes to...
This Week In Palestine
Mazin Sukkar, taxi driver
Working for Nothing Except Setting a Good Example By Mazin Sukkar As I drive my taxi every day in Gaza, I often think of...
This Week In Palestine
Prisoner of War: Yusif Sayigh, 1948 to 1949
Excerpts from his recollections As told to and edited by Rosemary Sayigh From: Jerusalem Quarterly Winter...
Jerusalem Quarterly

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