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PFN Newsletter [# 2] March 2007
submitted by Palestine Family.net

Dear friends of Palestine,

It is spring again in Palestine. Everyone who lives here knows that the arrival of spring is celebrated during Mother’s Day on March 21. It is celebrated with a major feast day during which families – those who can afford it – buy flowers not just for the mothers but for others as well. The flowers provide a moment of relief and beauty in an environment which is otherwise oppressive. Schools are trying to arrange small field-trips – mostly close to home – because it is often difficult to travel outside the local town or district. Yet beauty cannot be suppressed. The red poppies or Hanoun are starting to flower in the desert, and it is now also the time for spring festivals such as the Lettuce Festival in Artas (April 12-15), which has in recent years received a major impetus through the efforts of the revitalized Artas Folklore Center, one of the partners of Palestine-Family.net.

March is also the time for planting olive trees. The Olive Tree campaign of the Joint Advocacy Initiative in Beit Sahour appeals to people everywhere to buy a tree and plant it in Palestinians areas that are endangered because of land expropriations for settlements or the Wall. You can read a recent story about and from the initiative by clicking on this link:


And there is another interesting subject recently posted on the website: about a little-known Palestinian African community in the old city of Jerusalem, with a particularly rich history. Here's a link to their history:

And historical photos of the community can be found in the “Local photography/vintage portraits” category of the site. Here is one of the links:

On a different note, there is all reason to congratulate Dr Khuloud Daibis, a member of PFN’s advisory committee, for her appointment as the Minister of Tourism in the new Palestinian government. This is a major step after her successful work as director of the Center for Cultural Heritage Conservation in Bethlehem.

We also wish to congratulate our Czech volunteer Mila Tumova for successsfully navigating the permit jungle - she will now be able to stay here as a volunteer this summer and autumn. Anybody informed about the impossible permit regime imposed on Palestine knows that this administrative issue, which is a routine under normal circumstances, is here, in occupied Palestine, worth a “mabrouk!”

We wish you a healthy and happy spring, if circumstances allow,

James Prineas
Toine van Teeffelen

Contact and information:
tvant@p-ol.com (Toine van Teeffelen)
james@palestine-family.com (James Prineas)

For more information about the Artas Lettuce Festival: see artasfc@yahoo.com or www.artasfolklorecenter.net. For information: 02-2760533. For English enquiries: 0522292782. At the Artas subsite of PFN (see under “partners”) you will find many photos about Artas, including a series by James Prineas taken during last year’s Festival.

>Palestine-Family.net’s advisory committee
Hania Bitar (Director, Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation)
Andre Dabdoub (Project manager, historian)
Julia Dabdoub (Director, Arab Women’s Union)
Dr Kholoud Daibes (Director, Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation, appointed as Minister of Tourism)
Mohammed Hourani (Ministry of Tourism)
Dr Sharif Kanaana (Anthropologist and folklorist, Birzeit University)
Dr Adnan Mousallem (Historian, Bethlehem University)
Maha Saca (Director, Palestinian Heritage Center)
Fadi Sanad (Director, Artas Folklore Center)
Mike Salman (Businessman, historian)
Dr Saliba Sarsar (Political Scientist, Monmouth University).
Dr Khalil Shokeh (Historian, member of the Bethlehem municipality council)
Prof. Dr Qustandi Shomali (Communication and information sciences, Bethlehem University)

Palestine-Family.net’s Editorial Committee - James Prineas, Leyla Zuaiter, Fuad Giacaman, Dr Toine van Teeffelen, Maisoun Al-Zawahra and Tamara Habash - conducts editing tasks and decide about issues of policy concerning the site. The editorial committee checks incoming entries, encourages persons and institutions to submit, and approves the choice of projects and partnerships.

>Website Team in Berlin:
Christopher Jones, CreativeSenses.com
Eid-Sabbagh Rami-Habib
James Prineas
Maisoun Al-Zawahra
Stephan Jensen, Skygate.com
Tamara Habash
Thorsten Singer

>Website Team in Palestine:
Fuad Giacaman
Leyla Zuaiter
Toine van Teeffelen
Haneen Masa’eed
Milose Tumova (at AEI-Open Windows)
Wesam Ahmad

_..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _

>About Palestine-Family.net
In cooperation with the Arab Educational Institute-Open Windows in Bethlehem, Palestine-Family.net aims to preserve and reflect the rich heritage of a wonderful people. Members of the community are invited to submit their family collections or local archives of Palestinian stories, photographs, recipes, maps, oral histories, biographies, historical documents, songs and poems, home remedies etc. to the site. Uploading directly to the site is easy, but if you wish you can also send your collections to us by email or post and we will submit them for you. Thus we can help make available valuable and interesting material for current and future generations, and inspire young Palestinians to learn more about their fascinating heritage.

_..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _..._ _ _

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